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How should we increase the security configuration to ensure the safety of our property?

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2021/09/27 11:28

With the advancement of society, the security system has penetrated into our daily lives, but we don’t know about security, so in the case of insufficient security configuration, how should we increase the security configuration to ensure the safety of our property?

From the commercial premises, the network monitoring system has been installed, and only need to add the *** alarm. When using it, it is necessary to purchase a mobile card locally for the telephone alarm of the alarm host, which is convenient for unattended security. The user needs to maintain the card and not be in arrears, so as not to affect the telephone alarm function. If the original monitoring does not have the remote monitoring function, then you need to install a WiFi network camera. Many people think that their luck is not that bad, and they should not be stolen; they don’t pay attention to security monitoring, but when they really cause tens of thousands of property losses, they regret that they have not installed in advance, and then hurriedly installed security. Monitoring and alarm equipment; such stolen cases, Chengdu Wanquan Electronics has seen too many on the road of security work for more than ten years; I appeal to everyone for chain stores, high-end villa communities, supermarkets, homes and other places with valuable properties. , It is a wise choice to take security measures in advance and take precautions before they happen!

With the security of property, you can feel at ease, rest assured, worry-free, and comfortable; it saves manpower, is more convenient for unattended, and is safer and more reliable than manned only with monitoring equipment.

Maintenance and management of security monitoring system
In order to do a good job in the maintenance of the monitoring equipment, the daily monitoring, maintenance and management of the monitoring system shall be undertaken.
 Once an incident occurs
Once an incident occurs, the on-site video record can be consulted to facilitate investigation and handling. The on-site monitoring mode is changed from the traditional single type and extensive type

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