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2KM Visible 1KM Infrared Laser Dual-light Long-focus Fog-through HD Integrated Intelligent Heavy-duty PTZ Camera WL-TX30-HD-LASER-24M-10W
  • 2KM Visible 1KM Infrared Laser Dual-light Long-focus Fog-through HD Integrated Intelligent Heavy-duty PTZ Camera WL-TX30-HD-LASER-24M-10W

2KM Visible 1KM Infrared Laser Dual-light Long-focus Fog-through HD Integrated Intelligent Heavy-duty PTZ Camera WL-TX30-HD-LASER-24M-10W

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Scheme Description

2KM visible light 1KM infrared laser dual-light telephoto fog-transparent HD integrated intelligent heavy-duty pan-tilt camera


Product model:



Product features:

● 2,000,001/1.8 "F1.6 CMOS ICR Starlight HD Network Camera

● Large-caliber high-definition fog-transparent automatic zoom visible light lens, DC drive, automatic aperture, fog-transparent, preset position

The use of single-chip semiconductor laser light, high photoelectric conversion rate, high light energy utilization rate, synchronous zoom, lighting angle continuously adjustable, high reliability

● The pan-tilt adopts the design of large transmission ratio of worm and turbine, metal structure, copper gear plate, large torque, strong carrying capacity, and self-locking ability after power failure

● PTZ adopts dynamic voltage drive technology, high load capacity, strong wind resistance and seismic resistance, high stability and low speed operation

● Yuntai aluminum alloy shell, protection grade IP66, professional structure design, professional wiper structure, high and low temperature test design, high temperature resistance to ice and snow, adapt to harsh weather

● Electromagnetic compatibility test, using triple lightning protection technology


Product Application:

Forest fire prevention, safe cities, prisons, warehouses, oil fields, oil depots, long-distance pipelines, large factories, mining areas, freight yards, border and coastal defense lines, maritime and fishery administration, ecological protection areas, reservoirs, military bases, etc.


Product technical parameters:

Laser monitoring distance 1KM
infrared laser Wavelength 808±5nm
laser chip Optical power 10 watts
Illumination angle 30°~1°
zoom speed 4 seconds
Lighting effect Time integral homogenization technology, full focal length fill light uniform and delicate, completely without speckle
Visible light monitoring distance 2KM
telephoto fog lens Screen specifications 1/1.8"
Interface mode C
focal length 8-240mm
variable magnification coefficient 30 times
Aperture (F) F1.7-F30
Zoom function Electric zoom
Aperture function Auto iris (DC drive)
Fog penetration function Fog penetration image processing
HD Network Camera Sensor Type 1/1.8" Progressive Scan CMOS
Minimum illumination Color: 0.002 Lux @(F1.2,AGC ON) Black and White: 0.0002Lux @(F1.2,AGC ON)
Lens interface type C/CS interface
automatic aperture DC drive
Day and Night Transition Mode ICR infrared filter type
Image Size 1920 × 1080
Image frame rate 50Hz: 25fps (1920 × 1080,1280 × 960,1280 × 720)
60Hz: 30fps (1920 × 1080,1280 × 960,1280 × 720)
Day and Night Mode ICR infrared filter type automatic switching
Image Settings Saturation, brightness, contrast, sharpness adjustable
Fog penetration function Support
Special functions Wide dynamic light suppression/3D digital noise reduction/backlight compensation/electronic shutter automatic aperture/slow shutter
network transmission compression mode video compression standard H.265 / H.264 / MJPEG
H.265 encoding type Main Profile
H.264 encoding type BaseLine Profile / Main Profile / High Profile
Compressed output code rate 32 Kbps~16Mbps
Storage function 支持Micro SD/SDHC/SDXC卡(128G)
Disconnected local storage, NAS(NFS,SMB/CIFS support)
Interface Protocol ONVIF, Sia, CGI,ISAPI, gb28181
Technical parameters of PTZ Horizontal manual control speed 0.01°/S   --  40°/S
Vertical manual control speed 0.01 °/S  --  15°/S
Horizontal angle 360 ° Infinite Rotation
Vertical Angle 40°~-75°
Preset Point 256 preset bits
Cruise Article 8
Auto Scan Article 8
Automatic homing function Support
Patrol 4
Auxiliary switch Group 2
Load Top load 22KG
Control mode RS485 control, can realize the rotation angle return and angle control
GENERAL SPECIFICATIONS Relative humidity 90%
Protection level IP66
Working temperature -40 ℃ - 55 ℃
Power AC24V/DC24V
Power consumption ≤100W