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ST Series Thermal Imaging Vehicle-mounted PTZ Camera
  • ST Series Thermal Imaging Vehicle-mounted PTZ Camera

ST Series Thermal Imaging Vehicle-mounted PTZ Camera

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Scheme Description

Product model: WL-ST-RCX


Analog Series WL-ST-A-RCX

Network HD Series WL-ST-HD-RCX


Coaxial HD Series WL-ST-AHD(CVI/TVI)-RCX


Product features:

The use of high-strength seismic structure, simplify the camera, infrared warehouse, so that the product is more stable for a long time

● Three warehouse separation: motor warehouse, infrared lamp warehouse, motherboard camera warehouse independent, effectively increase the service life of the product

● Built-in automatic constant temperature device, cold resistance, high temperature resistance, effectively cope with the problem of temperature difference caused by the lens fog phenomenon, real-time clear image

● Selection of stepper motor, preset position precision, with wiper function, keep the lens clean

● Full digital control, flexible programming, compact and simple drive system design, can be arbitrarily rapid positioning and continuous tracking scanning

Thermal imaging section:Infrared thermal imager is a product used to detect the infrared radiation of the target object, and convert the temperature distribution image of the target object into a video image by means of photoelectric conversion, electrical signal processing, etc., using the third generation of uncooled vanadium oxide (VOx) infrared focal plane detector, 320 × 240 pixels

Network HD:Yuntai supports mainstream million digital high-definition all-in-one movement and high-definition SENSOR to realize high-definition image capture, compatible with mainstream high-definition platforms and seamless docking, supports up to 1080P output, supports dual code stream and high-definition capture, and supports IE browsing

SDI HD:Yuntai supports megapixel full HD movement, HD-SDI digital interface output, millions of digital HD images are lossless, real-time transmission, no delay, and various resolutions are adjustable (1080p/60 1080p/30 1080p/25 720p/60 720p/30 720p/25)

Coaxial HD:The pan-tilt supports universal AHD/CVI/TVI coaxial high-definition movement, and supports coaxial high-definition hard disk video recorder output. The image is not compressed by any coding, and the full real-time high-definition picture is transmitted coaxially.


Product Application:

Maritime Safety Administration maritime defense monitoring port monitoring, border monitoring, forest fire prevention, railway monitoring, airport monitoring


Product technical parameters:

Thermal imaging lens parameters

Model F50 F35 F25 F19
Thermal Imager Performance Focal Plane Array (FPA), Uncooled Microbolometer
Detector Type 320x 240 pixels
Spectral range 7.5 ~ 13.5μm
field of view 14 ° (horizontal) × 11 °
(vertical),50mm lens
20 ° (horizontal) × 15 °
(vertical),35mm lens
27.8 ° (horizontal) × 20.9
(vertical),25mm lens
36 ° (horizontal) × 27 °
(vertical),19mm lens
Spatial Resolution (IFOV) 0.760mrad
(50mm lens)
(35mm lens)
(25mm lens)
(19mm lens)
Detection distance About 2.2km Approximately 1.6km About 1.1km Approximately 880m
Approximately 780m Approximately 560m Approximately 430m Approximately 310m
Temperature sensitivity <85 mK at F = 1.6
image frame rate 8.3 Hz (PAL)
Focus Fixed
Electronic Zoom 2 x
Image Processing Automatic Gain Control (AGC), Digital Image Detail Enhancement (DDE)


PTZ performance:
Horizontal Preset Bit Speed 150°/S
Vertical Preset Speed 120°/S
Horizontal manual control speed 0°-100°/S
Vertical manual control speed 0°-90°/S
Horizontal angle 360 ° Infinite Rotation
Vertical Angle -60 °- 90 °
Preset Point 256 preset positions and 6 inspection tracks
Control mode RS485, baud rate from 2400Bps to 19200Bps optional
Relative humidity Less than 90%
Protection level IP66
Working temperature -35°C- 65°C
Power consumption DC10.8V-DC18V
Impact resistance requirements ≥ 4G
Wiper function Support
Installation method Various installation methods can be selected according to the application environment
Weight 6kg
Network parameters:  
video compression standard H.265/H.264
Compressed output code rate 32kbps-12Mbps
audio compression standard G.722.1、G.711-a law、G.711-u law、MP2L2、G.726、AAC、PCM
Storage function Support micro SD
Intelligent alarm Motion detection, occlusion alarm, memory full, memory error, audio anomaly detection, cross-border detection, area intrusion detection
Support Agreement TCP/IP 、 HTTP 、 DHCP 、 DNS 、 DDNS 、 RTP 、 RTSP 、 PPPoE 、 SMTP 、 NTP 、 UPnP 、 SNMP 、
FTP、802.1x、QoS、HTTPS、IPv6 (SIP、SRTP、可选)
General Functions Dual stream, heartbeat, password protection


Product size chart: (MM)