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Forest Fire Prevention Video Monitoring System Application Overall Solution
  • Forest Fire Prevention Video Monitoring System Application Overall Solution

Forest Fire Prevention Video Monitoring System Application Overall Solution

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Scheme Description

System Background

With the continuous development of forest protection and forestry construction in China, the area of forest land and forestry stock are increasing year by year, and the task of fire prevention is becoming more and more arduous. Forest fire is one of the important disasters in forestry. Forest fire has the characteristics of sudden, random disaster, and can cause huge losses in a short time. Therefore, once there is a fire, must be very fast to take measures to put out, put out in a timely manner, whether the decision-making is appropriate, mostly depends on the forest fire behavior is found in a timely manner, whether the analysis is accurate and reasonable, whether the decision-making measures are appropriate. To this end, both domestic and foreign have done a lot of work in the prevention, reduction and control of forest fires. In order to implement the policy of "prevention first and active rescue", early detection and early resolution are truly achieved. Using advanced technology and high-tech means to strengthen forest fire prevention work, make decisions and dispatch in the shortest time, so as to win valuable time for forest fire fighting and minimize losses is an inevitable trend in the development of forest fire prevention management.




system composition

Front warning camera:

The system adopts field heavy load pan-tilt (load 30-40KG), with strong load capacity, strong wind resistance, strong earthquake resistance, high temperature resistance and ice and snow resistance. The head adopts large transmission design, metal structure, copper gear plate, large torque and high stability, low speed operation. At the same time, it is equipped with a large all-weather protective cover, equipped with an electric long focal length fog lens and ultra-low illumination million high-definition camera, using the principle of thermal imaging, by receiving the infrared rays emitted by the object, the infrared radiation on the surface of the measured target object is converted into a video signal. It receives the thermal energy radiated by the detected target itself, that is, the medium and long-wave infrared energy, and converts it into a real-time thermal image of the object surface, to monitor fires and other abnormal events. And combined with the current level of development of the industry integrated, networked infrared thermal imaging forest fire image monitoring system solutions.

Transmission mode:

Provide networking capabilities for system interconnection and information interaction. The transmission methods of the monitoring system mainly include cable transmission, optical cable transmission, wireless microwave transmission, and digital wireless bridges. Generally speaking, when the installation location of the camera is close to the monitoring center, the cable transmission mode is mostly adopted. When the location of the camera is far from the monitoring center, the wireless microwave, optical cable transmission or digital wireless bridge mode is often adopted. Industrial-grade communication system is adopted for wired or wireless network transmission.

Terminal Command Center:

The monitoring center of forestry headquarters is the "heart" and "brain" of the whole system, and it is the command center to realize the function of the whole system. The back end is composed of network monitoring management platform, image display and video recording system (network storage device, network server, digital matrix, TV wall and other equipment) to watch real-time monitoring video of forest through the Internet or to retrieve video images stored in NVR. Forest fire prevention digital video monitoring and early warning system platform, with fire, smoke intelligent identification function, automatic alarm found, greatly improve the accuracy of intelligent identification. Nanowave filter technology penetrates smoke and images clearly. Real-time weather information display, alarm video query and other functions. The large-screen display wall of the command center can quickly and accurately locate the GPS position of the fire point in real time according to the GPS position and pan-tilt position information of the front-end equipment, and mark the position of the fire point in the electronic map, so that users can easily and intuitively see the specific position of the fire source in the map. The images of the monitoring front-end acquisition points are retrieved, and all video images are recorded and stored throughout the process, and the past historical images can be queried and replayed.