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Safe City Video Surveillance System Application Overall Solution
  • Safe City Video Surveillance System Application Overall Solution

Safe City Video Surveillance System Application Overall Solution

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Scheme Description

Overall description of video surveillance system in safe city


With regard to the construction of a "safe city", with the rapid development of modern urban construction, the population density and floating population in the city have increased, which has caused comprehensive urban management problems such as traffic, social security, and prevention of key areas in urban construction. the pressure on public security to deal with major terrorist incidents, natural disasters and other special emergencies is increasing. Nowadays, the increase of public security police force in many cities in China is far from meeting the daily command and dispatch and prevention requirements, as well as the development speed of responding to public emergencies and organizing major security activities. Therefore, in the era of efficient information network, the use of modern high-tech means, The urban public security prevention system transformed into direct combat effectiveness has become an important means to solve the problem. Building a harmonious society is the inevitable demand of recent social and economic development and people's lives. The establishment of a social security prevention and control system can achieve the goal of comprehensive fortification and long-term stability through the prevention mode of combining civil air defense, physical defense and technical defense.




System composition:

High-definition digital network video surveillance system, including urban public security management system, urban road traffic management system, urban communication security system and other urban integrated management of video information collection, collation and analysis. Suitable for city squares, community streets, transportation hubs and other key areas of the city, the need to establish a video surveillance system.

Front-end video capture equipment

The leading part of the high-definition network integrated PTZ camera video surveillance system is the "eye" of the whole system ". The pan-tilt is installed at a high place with a large area, and the pan-tilt is equipped with a zoom camera to cover the entire monitored area without dead corners. The video picture signal is transmitted to the city command center.

Mid-range transmission section

The transmission part is the channel of the system image signal, sound signal, control signal, etc. With the development of science and technology, the network information age, network transmission is becoming more and more mature. The management and command center watches high-definition live pictures in real time through the network, dispatches and commands at any time, and can grasp the real-time data within the scope of various regions of the city at any time.

Ping An City Management Command Center

The command center is the "heart" and "brain" of the entire system, and it is the command center that realizes the functions of the entire system. The city management platform adopts a multi-server architecture, uses mainstream databases, and relies on components to achieve video surveillance, early warning, and video playback. The platform can monitor and manage hundreds of monitoring points at the same time. The design of the platform software has basic network management requirements such as practicality, compatibility, scalability, and reliability. The main functions are: remote video image amplification and distribution, image signal correction and compensation, image signal switching, image signal recording, etc. Remote control of cameras, pan-tilt, etc. to complete comprehensive and specific monitoring or tracking monitoring of the monitored site; The platform system has the function of electronic map, which can locate all monitoring outlets on the electronic map. It has the function of centralized alarm management, the electronic map automatically displays the alarm network and automatically uploads the alarm image at the same time. The functions such as arming and disarming are carried out for the system defense area. When there is illegal intrusion in the front-end defense area, the alarm signal is transmitted to the main console, which can display the alarm defense area, linkage alarm, flashing lights, front-end lights, video recorders and other equipment. The urban management platform can efficiently deal with urban management issues such as urban traffic, social security, and prevention of key areas.