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Overall Solution of Vehicle Wireless Video Surveillance System Application
  • Overall Solution of Vehicle Wireless Video Surveillance System Application

Overall Solution of Vehicle Wireless Video Surveillance System Application

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Scheme Description

Overall description of vehicle-mounted video surveillance system





Nowadays, there are some unscrupulous elements in society that disrupt public order, theft, robbery, fights, and civil disputes. In the face of these sudden phenomena, in the process of public security law enforcement and public security patrols, the process must be recorded at any time as a record. Various uses such as evidence collection and proof. At this time, the vehicle wireless video surveillance system plays a key role.

With the development of science and technology, 4G wireless network technology is becoming more and more mature. The management and command center can master the law enforcement process of the administrative law enforcement team by watching high-definition live pictures in real time and dispatching command at any time. Efficient, perfect and stable technology provides a solid guarantee for the administrative law enforcement management department.

Widely used in: 110 public security patrol car on-site law enforcement process records, duty work records, remote command and dispatch. City management law enforcement vehicles, security patrol work. Financial escort vehicles, fire engines, ambulances, security monitoring, duty monitoring.




System composition:

Front-end camera equipment

The vehicle-mounted pan-tilt camera is the front part of the entire system and the "eye" of the entire system ". Installed on the top of the patrol vehicle, the main camera around the vehicle, the surrounding environment quickly locate, zoom in on the target. The vehicle is arranged at a certain position of the monitored site, and its monitoring range covers the entire monitored area through the rotation of the gimbal for shooting.

Mid-range control equipment

The vehicle wireless network hard disk video recorder is the "heart" and "brain" of the entire control system, and it is the command center to realize the function of the entire system. Vehicle-mounted NVR adopts embedded Linux operating system, with video and audio coding and decoding, 3G/4G wireless network transmission, real-time transmission of live images, satellite GPS positioning, large-capacity hard disk data security storage, hard disk shock absorption protection, streaming media network technology, wide voltage design, simple appearance, flexible and convenient installation, powerful functions, and safe and reliable system. PTZ control monitoring: quickly control the PTZ direction at any time, adjust the camera focal length, and quickly capture and lock the target. On-board color display shows the scene.

terminal command center system

The command center system platform adopts a multi-server architecture, uses mainstream databases, and relies on components to achieve video surveillance and video playback. The design of the platform software has basic network management requirements such as practicality, compatibility, scalability, and reliability. The platform has the function of alarm automatic connection, and the function of resuming communication after the wireless network is interrupted. All devices under the access platform can be automatically connected to the monitoring system and work normally. It has the function of docking with the public security 110 system and realizing alarm linkage. After the alarm is confirmed by the monitoring center client, it is distributed to the 110 command center through the monitoring alarm networking server. The alarm information of the 110 command center can also be distributed to the monitoring terminal of the monitoring center through the monitoring alarm networking server. The system mobile client supports mobile phone APP software and PC client software. The software has a good operation interface, and has an image window, alarm window, video playback window, equipment management window and other auxiliary interface. Complete equipment and user registration management through the platform; Alarm information and control signaling forwarding; Equipment and user configuration management; Alarm access processing and linkage; Remote 4G wireless network link viewing, remote network management, remote real-time monitoring, real-time tracking and monitoring of electronic maps, image playback and vehicle historical data playback; Various recording methods of the system: SD card circular recording, network server recording, headquarters recording and monitoring center recording.