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4G Mobile Portable Law Enforcement Video Surveillance System Application Overall Solution
  • 4G Mobile Portable Law Enforcement Video Surveillance System Application Overall Solution

4G Mobile Portable Law Enforcement Video Surveillance System Application Overall Solution

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Scheme Description

Programme background:

With the rapid development of science and technology in today's society, we have entered the era of network information. On public security issues such as social security, urban anti-terrorism system, and natural disaster emergency command, it is necessary for national security, armed police, military, public security and other departments to understand on-site images, voice, and data to achieve cross-regional and cross-departmental video Integration and sharing of image information resources and interconnection and mutual control. 4G mobile video surveillance system with a variety of communication means to establish an efficient and stable wireless mobile transmission network, through the vehicle, portable transmission system will be video images, voice, data through 4G wireless transmission real-time transmission to the command and control center. The whole system has the characteristics of flexibility and rapid response, which truly realizes the real-time and synchronous communication transmission of image, voice and data in high-speed movement. It can undertake the important tasks of real-time and dynamic collection, processing and transmission of remote on-site multimedia information such as safety monitoring, remote on-site command, natural disasters, emergencies, public security anti-terrorism, etc., and provide real-time and accurate on-site situation for the command center, so as to provide intuitive and reliable first-hand information for unified command and making correct decisions, and truly improve the rapid response, unified command, and coordinated combat capabilities of various departments in handling emergency incidents.



System composition:

front end mobile camera equipment:




4G high-definition intelligent cloth ball control is a portable product integrating video recording, high-definition video wireless transmission, voice monitoring, intercom and remote control. The product adopts 4G high-definition infrared integrated distribution and control ball machine, built-in large-capacity lithium battery, which can work continuously for 4-8 hours. The strong magnet suction cup is placed at the bottom, which can be fixed on special vehicles or portable triangular supports. The product adopts high-speed processor and embedded operating system, combined with H.264 audio and video compression, wireless network transmission, remote control and other technologies. The product appearance is simple, easy to carry, flexible and convenient installation, powerful, high reliability and has the characteristics of super seismic, waterproof and so on. When performing a task, the equipment can be temporarily installed at a fixed point or on a moving vehicle, and it is convenient to remove the equipment after the task is completed.



Transmission mode:

Wireless network 3G/4G/,WIFI hotspot transmission, GPS/Beidou global positioning system


Terminal Command Center:

Mobile video surveillance management software platform, the system is used with client, front-end equipment and server. The system takes mobile communication as the link and integrates and accesses front-end mobile camera equipment based on unified specifications to realize the integration, sharing, interconnection and mutual control of cross-regional and cross-departmental video image information resources, and provides image, voice and real-time data for the center.




The system is suitable for the application environment with high mobility in the field, such as investigation, public security, traffic police, fire protection, transportation, armed police, court, forestry, water conservancy, environmental protection, construction, aquatic products, insurance investigation and claim settlement and other fields.