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Power laser bird driving pan-tilt camera
  • Power laser bird driving pan-tilt camera

Power laser bird driving pan-tilt camera

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Scheme Description

Bird-repellent laser PTZ is a bird-repellent device designed and produced around the bird-repellent work of airports or substations. It has a long distance and can be controlled in real time through a remote control system.;In the work does not produce noise and other pollution, will not interfere with the airport aircraft operation and substation normal work. AdoptIP66The protection level is designed to meet the needs of the airport and substation bird repellent equipment for perennial outdoor use.

Product features:

lIndependent defogging and defrosting module, which truly solves the fog of the camera chamber lens caused by the temperature difference of the outdoor environment.

lhigh quality heating parts are selected for the camera bin, so that the whole bin body works together before and after to form an effective anti-fog and defogging pattern.

lThe pan-tilt adopts an integrated structure of upper and lower spindles, so that the pan-tilt camera compartment and infrared compartment will not be bumpy and misplaced.

lThe standard voltage regulator module filters the instantaneous unstable current of the vehicle to keep the gimbal in a stable state


Product Application:

applyHigh-speed railways, airports, substations, etc.


Product technical parameters:

PTZ performance:

Horizontal Preset Bit Speed


Vertical Preset Speed


Horizontal manual control speed


Vertical manual control speed


Horizontal angle

360 ° Infinite Rotation

Vertical Angle

-90°  90°

Preset Point

256 preset positions and 6 inspection tracks

Control mode

RS485, built-in 16 protocols, baud rate from 2400Bps to 19200Bps optional

Relative humidity


Protection level


Working temperature

-35°C   55°C

Power consumption

DC10.8V DC18V

Impact resistance requirements

≥ 4G

Wiper function


Installation method

Various installation methods can be selected according to the application environment



laser parameters

optical power


Spot form


irradiation distance

1000 m



Control mode

Manual switch

Product size chart: (unitMM)