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Customized multi-spectral long focal length thermal imaging/laser pan-tilt camera
Customized multi-spectral long focal length thermal imaging/laser pan-tilt camera
  • Customized multi-spectral long focal length thermal imaging/laser pan-tilt camera
  • Customized multi-spectral long focal length thermal imaging/laser pan-tilt camera

Customized multi-spectral long focal length thermal imaging/laser pan-tilt camera

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Scheme Description

Product features:

l Independent defogging and defrosting module, which truly solves the fog of the camera chamber lens caused by the temperature difference of the outdoor environment.

l high quality heating parts are selected for the camera bin, so that the whole bin body works together before and after to form an effective anti-fog and defogging pattern.

l The upper and lower spindle integrated structure is adopted, so that the pan-tilt camera warehouse and infrared warehouse will not be bumpy and misplaced.

l The standard voltage regulator module filters the instantaneous unstable current of the vehicle to keep the gimbal in a stable state

l The high-speed rotation of the gimbal is smoother, and the low-speed rotation is no jitter.

l High strength aluminum alloy design, protection levelIP66

l Omni-directional monitoring with no dead angle

Multi-fill lightComprehensive coverage of all stages of lighting requirements

Infrared lamp:Using array infrared lamp, multi-group angle matching, the service life can reach30000 hours, night vision distance 100120 m

White light:Using high intensity dot matrix white light emitting chip, night vision distance5080 m

Laser light:Adopt import808nm laser, realize synchronous zoom, adjustable angle or automatic adjustment according to camera multiple, laser spot angle 1 ° to 50 °, laser 3/5W optional

Thermal Imaging:Infrared thermal imager is a product that is used to detect the infrared radiation of the target object and convert the temperature distribution image of the target object into a video image by means of photoelectric conversion and electrical signal processing.,Using the third generation of uncooled vanadium oxide(VOx) infrared focal plane detector, 320 × 240 pixels

Network HD:PTZ supports mainstream millions of digital HD all-in-one movement and HDSENSOR realizes high-definition image acquisition, is compatible with mainstream high-definition platforms and seamlessly connects, supports 1080P output at most, supports dual code stream and high-definition capture, and supports IE browsing.

SDI HD:PTZ supports megapixel full HD movement,HD-SDI digital interface output, millions of digital high-definition images lossless, real-time transmission, no delay, multiple resolutions adjustable (1080p/60 1080p/30 1080p/25 720p/60 720p/30 720p/25)

Coaxial HD:Universal PTZ supportAHD/CVI/TVI Coaxial HD Movement,Another support coaxial HD hard disk video recorder output, image without any coding compression, full real-time high-definition picture coaxial transmission


Product Application:

apply110 Police Vehicle Mobile Law Enforcement/Fire Emergency Command/120 Emergency Command System/Road Administration Mobile Patrol/Urban Management Public Security Law Enforcement/Special Vehicle Mobile Inspection


Product technical parameters:

PTZ performance



Horizontal Preset Bit Speed


Vertical Preset Speed


Horizontal manual control speed


Vertical manual control speed


Horizontal angle

360 ° Infinite Rotation

Vertical Angle

-90°  90°

Preset bit accuracy


Preset Point

256 preset positions and 8 patrol tracks

Wiper function


Control mode

RS485, built-in PELCO D/P protocol, baud rate from 2400Bps to 19200Bps optional

Relative humidity


Protection level


Working temperature

-35°C  55°C

Power consumption


Impact resistance requirements

≥ 4G

Wiper function


Installation method

Various installation methods can be selected according to the application environment




WL-TW10-4K-IRProduct size chart: (unitMM)

WL-TW10-3L product size chart:( UnitMM)