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Spherical photoelectric HD pan-tilt camera
  • Spherical photoelectric HD pan-tilt camera

Spherical photoelectric HD pan-tilt camera

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Scheme Description

WL-HA988The series of high-definition multispectral laser thermal imaging integrated turntable cameras adopt high-performance, low-illumination day and night dual-purpose high-definition cameras with long focal length high-definition lenses and laser-assisted lighting. Combined with a thermal imaging system that is not affected by severe weather environments such as fog and haze, scientific methods are combined to meet 24-hour all-weather monitoring in any weather, and laser night vision monitoring can reach3-5KM, thermal imaging detection distance 3-10 KM, daytime monitoring up to 8-10 KM.


Product features:

Lens features:

lThe lens has an automatic focus function to avoid tedious fine-tuning operations

lAutomatic color to black function, to achieve color during the day, night black and white all-weather monitoring mode

lHigh clear through fog, preset position function

lheight coaxial

lLinkage of lens magnification and laser irradiation angle

Laser features:

lLight source automatic zoom function, lens, turntable, laser synchronous zoom and preset position function, make the operation more simple, intelligent

lGPI photosensitive automatic control function, lock the camera to black and white mode when the laser is turned on

lUsing Gaopule laser beam reforming technology, the beam quality is good, the spot is uniform, the laser density is high.

lPatented laser mirror technology, laser utilization up97%, to avoid the phenomenon of laser light source fee

lLinkage of lens magnification and laser irradiation angle

Thermal Imaging Features:

lFixed focus, continuous zoom optional

lTemperature sensing imaging, imaging clear, can search for a wide range of targets, but also to identify long-range targets

lImaging device polysilicon, vanadium oxide optional

lTemperature alarm function optional

lImage detail enhancement, black heat/white hot/multiple pseudo color conversion

Turret features:

lMaximum load:60KG

lHorizontal rotation angle:0~360 ° infinite

lVertical rotation angle:-45°~ 45°

lHorizontal manual control speed: 0.1°~ 40°/S                                                                       

lPitch manual control speed:0.1°~40°/S   

lCruise function: 9Cruise Line                                                     

lRepeated positioning accuracy:≤ ± 0.1 °

l3D Positioning Box Selection Zoom: Support                                                        

lLens control: standard decoder board, message return

lWiper:    Bring your own

lPreset position: 256                                                      

lPower supply range:AC220V/DC48V


lCommunication mode:RS485


lOther Functions: Network/analog output optional, automatic cruise line, 360-degree step scanning, 360-degree horizontal scanning, AB two-point scanning, apple skin function, pattern scanning, watch position function, lens magnification and pan-tilt rotation speed linkage, angle return function.

lCustomized functions: laser ranging, electronic gyro, radar access, automatic tracking system access

Control mode:

lByRS485/TCP/IP signal remote control camera, turntable

Multiple Protection:

lWith overheating, overcurrent, overvoltage and other multiple protection functions

lIntelligent temperature control system, waterproof and heat dissipation design to ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment


Product Application:

Oil field, oil depot, oil pipeline surveillance, border defense, border monitoring, waterway river monitoring, maritime search and rescue, island coast, ship navigation aid, military base, marine aquaculture, fishery law enforcement management, port wharf, reservoir lake, seawall river embankment surveillance, flood control command, forest fire prevention, scenic nature reserve monitoring, animal plant protection, urban high point/High-altitude observation monitoring, safe city, cultural relics protection, urban environmental protection monitoring, water conservancy and electric power, factories and mines, re-education through labor detention centers, prisons, bridges and tunnels monitoring, railways, highways, airport safety, train locomotives and other places that require long-distance night vision monitoring.


Product technical parameters:

Type No.





laser light source

laser power




angle of irradiation

1 ° ~ 60 ° square light spot

laser wavelength

810nm (940/980nm optional)

laser zooming

Linkage of lens magnification and laser irradiation angle


imaging device

1/1.8" CMOS


2 million/3 million/6 million (optional)


Support intelligent analysis function of tripwire and forbidden zone, and report alarm through national standard

Scan mode

1:1 progressive scan

Minimum illumination

0.001Lux (color):0.0001Lux (black and white)

signal-to-noise ratio


Day and Night Transition Mode

ICR infrared filter type

HD Lens

image surface size


focal length




optical zoom

37 ×

52 ×




Through fog

Support (optional)

Thermal Imaging


uncooled focal plane384 × 288(640 × 512 optional)


Support intelligent analysis function of tripwire and forbidden zone, and report alarm through national standard

focal length

75 mm

25~75 mm

100 mm

20~100 mm

150 mm

30~180 mm

working band

7 ~ 14μm


Focus mode

Automatic/Manual Focus


polarity transformation

black hot/white hot/multiple pseudo color conversion

spherical turntable


Sphere built-in

Horizontal angle

0 ° ~ 360 ° continuous rotation

Vertical Angle

-45°~ 45°

Horizontal rotation speed


Vertical rotation speed


Preset position

256Support power-off memory function

Cruise Line

9Cruise Line

Protective cover

Integrated spherical fully sealed design, anti-salt sprayPH value 6.5~7.2, continuous spray for 48 hours

Lightning protection level

6KV surge, with multi-level lightning protection

Protection level


Network Interface

1 RJ4510M/100M adaptive Ethernet port, 1 RS-485 interface

Working temperature

-40 ℃ ~ 70

Power supply voltage


Appearance size

550mm x 550mmx995mm (L×W×H)

Power consumption of the whole machine


Weight of whole machine



Dimensional drawing of product (unit:MM)