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Field all-weather heavy-duty digital intelligent integrated pan/tilt

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2019/06/24 11:23



Heavy-duty PTZ is an important equipment in the professional large-scale video surveillance system. Compared with common PTZ, it has large load capacity, wide monitoring range, good stability, and can adapt to various harsh environments and climates. It is mainly used in the border defense, coastal defense, forest fire prevention, military bases, urban high-altitude observation, ecological protection areas, large reservoirs, large-scale factories, maritime fishery, highways, high-speed rail and other fields.

Heavy duty PTZ Features:

1、Wear resistance: Heavy-duty PTZ must maintain a long-term 24-hour 360-degree continuous rotation monitoring site in the field, such as fire, people, cars, etc. Under such high-intensity work for many years, the resistance of the PTZ Grinding is particularly important. The mechanical parts of the gimbal are made of wear-resistant structural components and have been rigorously tested. The PTZ will not be easily damaged by wear and tear.

2、Multi-resistance: Heavy-duty PTZ is used in extremely harsh environments, high temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, anti-ice, anti-humidity, anti-corrosion, anti-typhoon, etc. The products must have high requriments special aluminum alloy casing, special lacquer making process, the protection grade reaches IP66.

3、Lightning strike: In the wild, lightning is often encountered. Heavy-duty clouds usually need to be installed at high places, while high-level clouds are most vulnerable to lightning strikes. The cloud platform uses electromagnetic compatibility testing and triple lightning protection technology.

4、Stability: The harsh environment also tests the internal electronic circuits that focus on the PTZ, and the instability of the field power supply system can easily damage the PTZ. The Yuntai adopts special stability components and integrates modular circuit board design, which greatly saves the internal structure and design of the voltage regulator module to ensure the stability of the PTZ.

5、Heavy load: The PTZ needs to carry different requirements of cameras and night vision devices in different environments. For example, if day vision 5km, night vision 3km, the camera and laser, it needs PTZ load 20kg. The heavy-duty PTZ adopts the large transmission ratio design of the worm, the metal structure and the copper gear plate have large torque and the bearing capacity can reach 30-50KG.

6、High-definition fog penetration: PTZ with the millions of high-definition fog penetration 300-500mm long focal cameras, which can clearly observe the locking target even in low visibility environments.

7、Night Vision: The PTZ can choose a high-power laser night vision device or thermal imager to monitor the scene in a non-visible environment.





Maintenance and management of security monitoring system
In order to do a good job in the maintenance of the monitoring equipment, the daily monitoring, maintenance and management of the monitoring system shall be undertaken.
 Once an incident occurs
Once an incident occurs, the on-site video record can be consulted to facilitate investigation and handling. The on-site monitoring mode is changed from the traditional single type and extensive type

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