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Large scene, large horizon, panoramic wisdom image------ Panoramic 4K intelligent linkage PTZ camera series

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2019/06/24 11:31

Large scene, large horizon, panoramic wisdom image------ Panoramic 4K intelligent linkage PTZ camera series.




Nowadays, with the wide application of security monitoring in various social fields, a traditional network camera, limited by the monitoring field of view, can not fully meet the wide-angle 360-degree monitoring. If multiple cameras are combined with the traditional monitoring system of the PTZ, the management tasks and cost of the entire system are increased. At present, the arrival of the intelligent era in the domestic security industry, the emergence of 360-degree panoramic monitoring is the performance of the industry development, with the necessary and strong demand, but also the pace of monitoring technology.

The panoramic pan/tilt camera is a linked panoramic camera that combines multi-eye stitching fusion and artificial intelligence analysis into a fusion of "point + face". It can realize real-time viewing of panorama + detail through the action of people or moving objects in the panoramic picture. Manual or automatic selection of positioning, the device at the top of the ultra-clear high-speed PTZ camera can be turned to the specified target without delay, instantaneous response, the system is accurate and efficient, and 30x optical zoom for detailed viewing of people or objects. After the face recognition function is turned on, the face can be positioned, tracked, and recognized in real time on the screen. It can mark multiple moving targets at the same time, reflecting the global response and highlighting the details, and finally achieve 360° and 180° panoramic monitoring effects.

Applicable to airports, stations, safe cities, transportation hubs, military and key facilities, etc. where large-scale scenes need to be combined with monitoring...







Maintenance and management of security monitoring system
In order to do a good job in the maintenance of the monitoring equipment, the daily monitoring, maintenance and management of the monitoring system shall be undertaken.
 Once an incident occurs
Once an incident occurs, the on-site video record can be consulted to facilitate investigation and handling. The on-site monitoring mode is changed from the traditional single type and extensive type

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