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Heavy load 35KG top load pan/tilt
  • Heavy load 35KG top load pan/tilt

Heavy load 35KG top load pan/tilt

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Scheme Description

Product Name:

Heavy load 35KG top load pan/tilt


Product model:



Product features:

● Yuntai adopts dynamic voltage drive technology, high load capacity, strong wind resistance and seismic resistance;

● Professional structural design, professional wiper structure, high and low temperature test design, high temperature resistance and ice and snow resistance;

● High stability, low speed operation;

● The pan-tilt adopts the design of large transmission ratio of worm and turbine, metal structure, copper gear plate, large torque, strong carrying capacity, self-locking ability after power failure, electromagnetic compatibility test, and triple lightning protection technology.

Network HD:Yuntai supports mainstream million digital high-definition all-in-one movement and high-definition SENSOR to realize high-definition image capture, compatible with mainstream high-definition platforms and seamless docking, supports up to 1080P output, supports dual code stream and high-definition capture, and supports IE browsing


Product Application:

Forest fire prevention/safe city/prison/warehouse/oil field and oil depot long-distance pipeline/large mining area/freight yard/border and coastal defense line/maritime and fishery administration/ecological protection zone/reservoir/military base


Product technical parameters:

Horizontal manual control speed 0.01°/S   --  20°/S
Vertical manual control speed 0.01  /S   --  10°/S
Horizontal angle 360 ° Infinite Rotation
Vertical Angle 40°~-45°
Preset Point 256 preset bits
Cruise Article 8
Auto Scan Article 8
Automatic homing function Support
Patrol 4
Auxiliary switch Group 2
Load Top load 35KG
Control mode RS485 control, can realize the rotation angle return and angle control
Relative humidity 90%
Protection level IP66
Working temperature -40 ℃ - 55 ℃
Power AC24V/DC24V
Power consumption ≤100W
Weight 15KG


Network parameters:  
video compression H.264/H.265
Audio compression G.722.1 or G.711-aw or G.711-aggregion
Compressed output code rate 32Kbps-16Mbps
Support Agreement TCP/IP 、 HTTP 、 DHCP 、 DNS 、 DDNS 、 RTP 、 RTSP 、 PPPoE 、 SMTP 、 NTP 、 UPnP
SNMP、FTP、802.1x、QoS、HTTPS、IPv6 (SIP、SRTP可选)、GB28181
Interface Protocol ONVIF/Sia/CGI/ISAPI
Communication Protocol PelcoD-P Agreement
Storage function Support MicroSD storage
Intelligent alarm Motion detection, occlusion alarm, memory full, memory error
Number of videos previewed simultaneously Up to 10 routes.
dual stream 960P D1
User Permissions Up to 32 users, divided into 3 levels: administrators, operators and ordinary users can only browse
Security Mode Authorized username and password, and MAC address binding; HTTPS encryption; IEEE 802.1x network access control, IP address filtering
ROI coding Support 24 blocks, level adjustable


Product size chart: (MM)