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Loading 35KG Heavy Duty Top Loading PTZ

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Heavy Duty Top Loading PTZ


Product Name:Loading 35KG Heavy Duty Top Loading PTZ




1. Professional wiper structure, high and low temperature test design, high temperature anti-ice;

2. Advanced electromagnetic compatibility test, with triple lightning protection technology;

3. PTZ worm using large transmission ratio design, metal structures, copper gear wheel, torque, strong bearing capacity, after a power failure with high-strength self-locking capability;

4. Dynamic voltage drive technology, head high load capacity, wind, seismic capability;

HD IP: PTZ support mainstream megapixel digital high-definition movement and HD SENSOR HD picture capture, compatible with mainstream HD platform and seamless docking, the maximum support 1080P output, support for dual-stream and high-definition capture, support IE browser


Product Application:

Forest fire prevention, safe cities, prisons, warehouses, oil depots, long-distance pipelines, large factories, mines, garages, sea side defense, marine fisheries, ecological protection areas, reservoirs, and other military bases.


PTZ Specification:

Pan Manual Control Speed 0.01°/S   --  20°/S
Tilt Manual Control Speed 0.01  /S   --  10°/S
Pan Angle 360°Endless Rotation
Tilt Angle +40°~-75°
Preset Position 256 Positions
Tracking 8 channel
Automatic Scan 8 channel
Automatic Home Support
Cruis Tracking 4 channel
Auxiliary switch 2 groups
Loading Top Load 35KG
Control Way RS485 control,Angle of rotation can be achieved backhaul and angle control
Relative Humidity 90%
IP Grade IP66
Working Temperature -40 ℃ - 55℃
Power AC24V/DC24V
Consumption ≤100W
Weight 15KG


Network parameters:  
Video Compression H.264/H.265
Audio Compression G.722.1、G.711-alaw、G.711-ulaw、MP2L2、G.726
Compression output rate 32Kbps—16Mbps
SNMP、FTP、802.1x、QoS、HTTPS、IPv6 (SIP、SRTP optional)、GB28181
Interface Protocol ONVIF/PSIA/CGI/ISAPI
Communication Protocol PelcoD-P Protocol
Storage Function Support MicroSD storage
Intelligent Arlarm Motion detection, mask alarm, full memory, memory mistake
While previewing video Most 10 Channels
Dual-Stream 960P+D1
User Rights At most 32 users,with three grades: Administrator, Operator, and ordinary users can only view
Safe Mode Authorized user name and password, and MAC address binding; HTTPS encryption; IEEE 802.1x network access control, IP address filtering
ROI Code Support 24pcs,Grade can be adjusted


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