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TX50 Heavy Load Head
TX50 Heavy Load Head
  • TX50 Heavy Load Head
  • TX50 Heavy Load Head

TX50 Heavy Load Head

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Scheme Description

    Product model: WL-TX50
Product features:
lThe pan-tilt adopts dynamic voltage drive technology, with high load capacity, strong wind resistance and seismic resistance.
lProfessional structural design, professional wiper structure, high and low temperature test design, high temperature resistance to ice and snow
lHigh stability, ultra-low speed operation
lThe pan-tilt adopts the design of large transmission ratio of worm and turbine, metal structure, copper gear plate, large torque, strong carrying capacity, and high-strength self-locking ability after power failure
lAdvanced electromagnetic compatibility test, using triple lightning protection technology
Product Application: Maritime Safety Administration Maritime Defense Monitoring Port Monitoring, Border Control, Forest Fire Prevention, Railway Monitoring, Airport Monitoring
Product technical parameters:

Horizontal manual control speed 0.01°/S   --  20°/S
Vertical manual control speed 0.01  /S   --  7°/S
Horizontal angle 360 ° Infinite Rotation
Vertical Angle 40°~-45°
Preset Point 255 preset bits
Cruise Article 8
Auto Scan Article 8
Automatic homing function Support
Patrol 4
Auxiliary switch Group 2
Load Top load 50KG
Control mode RS485 control, can realize the rotation angle return and angle control
Relative humidity 0.9
Protection level IP66
Working temperature -40 ℃ - 55 ℃
Power AC24V
Power consumption ≤ 120W
Weight 27KG


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