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1 m on-board lifting lever
  • 1 m on-board lifting lever

1 m on-board lifting lever

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Scheme Description

Product features:

Vehicle-mounted automatic lifting rod, all-weather environment design, the main parts are made of high-strength aluminum alloy, stainless steel material refined, impact resistance, corrosion resistance.

The equipment can install the pan-tilt camera on the vertical pole by rotating the pan-tilt, and when in use, the vertical pole can be raised 0-90 degrees from the curvature of the roof, which can be selected at any height and the vertical height is 1 meter, thus realizing all-round rotation to complete the search, positioning and lighting camera functions.

Suitable for cars, pickups, jeeps and other small and medium-sized cars, patrol cars on-site emergency treatment, emergency camera and lighting.


Product technical parameters:

Name On-board mobile lifting lever
Lifting height 1 m
Lift arc 0-90 degrees
Platform operation Arc lifting, arbitrary height
Lifting speed 30S
Rotation speed Horizontal 4r/mi Vertical 6r/mi
Control mode Remote control
Materials Aluminum alloy stainless steel
Power DC12V
Weight 20KG