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1.8 m car lift pole lighting
  • 1.8 m car lift pole lighting

1.8 m car lift pole lighting

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Scheme Description

Product features:

The vehicle-mounted automatic lifting emergency lighting search lamp has a lifting function. The lighting pan-tilt is fixed on the pneumatic lifting pole. The equipment is raised from the initial horizontal position to 90 degrees with a lifting height of 1.8 meters, thus expanding the irradiation range. The component completes the search and positioning lighting by rotating the pan-tilt, 270 degrees vertically and 360 degrees horizontally, and the positioning is accurate. Fast lifting speed, long working life and reliable performance.

With manual remote control, wireless remote control, 485 communication, CAN,WIFI,RJ45 and other ways to choose the control mode, omni-directional rotation, no dead angle lighting. All-weather environment design, high-strength aluminum alloy shell, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, suitable for cars, pickups, jeeps and other small and medium-sized car equipment.

Widely used in emergency rescue sites, accident investigation sites, rescue and disaster relief sites, engineering rescue lighting, fire emergency lighting, army field operations, night photography sites, mine emergency lighting and other work sites.


Product technical parameters:

Light source type LED Floodlight/Spotlight/Flash
LED Specifications Lux45mil12-100lm/W
Lamp holder power 120W * 2LED quick-loading lamp holder
Lifting mode Mechanical arc rising height 1.8 m
Lamp holder angle Horizontal angle 360 degrees Vertical angle 270 degrees
Rotation speed Horizontal 4r/mi Vertical 6r/mi
Control mode Wireless control keyboard control
Communication mode RS485 CAN WIFI RJ45
Emergency function Manual emergency reset in case of power failure
Voltage input DC12V /DC24V optional
Working current 40A
Appearance size 1200*730*217mm
Weight 45kg