Specializing in the design and production of intelligent security monitoring system equipment

Power low-power pan-tilt WL-TW06A

The system adopts industrial core processor as the framework, is equipped with high-performance CPU and independent working coding system, is equipped with starlight 800W HD 40 times optical zoom lens, has built-in full netcom 5G industrial module, and supports 2G/3G/4G/5G to intelligently switch network system according to business requirements. Heartbeat and data interaction separation framework, ultra-low power consumption standby mode, combination of active and passive sleep wake-up, industrial production process.


Custom thermal imaging, laser pan-tilt camera WL-TW10-4K

It is applicable to 110 police vehicle mobile law enforcement/fire emergency command/120 first aid command system/road administration mobile patrol/urban management public security law enforcement/special vehicle mobile inspection. The independent defogging and defrosting module truly solves the fog of the camera lens caused by the temperature difference of the outdoor environment.


TC series infrared, white light integrated intelligent PTZ

The pan/tilt adopts the combination of camera, pan/tilt, decoder, protective cover, wiper, automatic heater, window defrosting/defogging, and sunshade; the high-strength aluminum alloy precision cast shell has strong wind resistance and stable operation to ensure accurate positioning; Using high-end motors, good stability and low noise.


TESC series laser, thermal imaging intelligent integrated PTZ

It is suitable for urban road monitoring/highway monitoring/railway monitoring/substation monitoring/high-rise building peripheral monitoring/coastal defense monitoring.


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Changzhou Shuoxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.

Changzhou Shuoxin Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise specializing in the design and production of intelligent security monitoring system equipment. The company has strong development and design capabilities, complete production management systems, complete testing equipment, and stable product performance. Guided by market demand and supported by technological innovation, we are committed to providing customers with stable and reliable high-quality products.
Shuoxin Company focuses on team collaboration and has accumulated years of experience in the security monitoring industry. It has independently developed high-tech products such as the "HD Intelligent Vehicle Head Series," "Portable Vehicle Infrared Head Series," "4G Portable Wireless Mobile Control Terminal Series," "Digital HD Network Head Series," "Full Real time SDI HD Head Series," "Infrared Laser Heavy Duty Intelligent Integrated Head Series," "Thermal Imaging Night Vision Overload Head Series," and "HD Network Ball Machine Series."

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